Marketing for social good is the goal.

Giants has a vision…

…where business and marketing are driven by human connection, fulfillment, and individual aspirations.

Interruption marketing: out.


The product is the hero, feature is king.
Focus: remove doubt (in a few seconds).


The customer is the hero, their story is king.
Focus: inspire confidence (by drawing them in).

Organic storytelling: in.

Giants in the Sky
is the Alfred to
your Batman.

Why “Giants in the Sky”?

The name started as a reference to a universal human experience: cloud-watching. Clouds can take any shape, are as different as they are numerous, and span the whole globe—just like our clients.

We start with an
endgame in sight.

your business can not only provide a product or service, but also create a future that changes the point of view of your customer and keeps them coming back for life.

Part of all profits
go to homeless